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Lindsay Amer is queer and here to say, “it’s okay to be gay!” Amer is the producer of award-winning, Bushwick-born, Queer Kid Stuff! A show that helps children (and adults) understand LGBTQ+ identities and ideas. 

This non-binary, digital content creator is making a splash by not only breaking down definitions and core concepts for their audience, but also by introducing elements of social justice to kids and their families. 

“At the time I was coming out, I was also trying to figure out what I was doing with my life,” Amer reflects. “In undergrad I was a theatre major and discovered my love of children’s theatre and storytelling.”

Now in its third year, Queer Kid Stuff boasts over 100 episodes filled with bright colors, original songs and Amer’s co-host, a stuffed, toy bear aptly named Teddy. While it may look like fun and games, Queer Kid Stuff covers topics ranging from body positivity, privilege, and queer history, to intersectional discussions on race and religion. 

Amer makes sure to pull research from a number of sources, namely National Geographic, the American Academy of Pediatrics and marketing research on children’s programming. 

According to the creator, the goal of Queer Kid Stuff is never to dumb down any of the seemingly controversial subjects, but instead to focus on the main ideas so anyone can understand. 

“In [writing the show’s scripts] I hope to translate these ideas into their simplest forms…It’s a fine line, but I’ve honed it over the years to really make sure [Queer Kid Stuff] is entertaining, interesting and grounded,” Amer states. “I’m always looking for a good metaphor, considering when an idea should be a song, or how to make these topics feel like an everyday experience, not a novelty. I want to make this relevant in the life of a three-year-old; it needs to feel familiar and safe to explore and understand.”

Other than being accessible and age-appropriate for kiddos, Queer Kid Stuff is an ode to every missed moment queer adults have experienced in trying to discover themselves and find information with few resources. 

“The real secret to Queer Kid Stuff is that it’s actually all-ages, not necessarily only for children!” Amer giggles. “We need to trust and respect the intelligence of children more and learn about ourselves as we do so. My videos are for the parent that doesn’t know how to answer a question or the person trying to learn about themselves. I’ve got those answers and I’ll share them appropriately and in a way even a child can understand.”

Sing-a-long to Lindsay’s TED Talk on why we need to teach children about gender and sexuality, as well as check out past and future episodes on the Queer Kid Stuff Youtube channel, and if you’re feeling generous, Amer also has a Patreon where you can help support their work.

All images courtesy of Lindsay Amer.

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