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Tired of yoga and barely use that Blink membership anymore? SoFive, an indoor soccer facility, is now in Brooklyn off Broadway Junction!

SoFive offers five-a-side games on multiple fields in their new, state of art facility. There are also youth leagues from ages four and up, and adults are encouraged to join seasonal leagues and can join as a free agent or sign-up as a team. If you don’t want to commit to a season, you can come for a pick-up game, available multiple nights a week. All games are offered in a variety of difficulty levels, for the casual players and the serious ones.

Charles Lagayette, one of the co-founders, is originally from France, and is excited to have their new facility in Brooklyn.

“The soccer business was booming in the US but there wasn’t a lot of quality indoor soccer fields. So we derived from the best practices of Europe and Latin America to create SoFive,” he said.

This is their fifth location on the East Coast; their first facility opened in New Jersey back in 2015.

“It was not easy to find the right buildings,” said Lagayette. “Then, an opportunity came to open in Brooklyn, it was perfect for all the soccer players in the area. We are centrally located, so people from Brooklyn and Queens can join us.”

Lagayette is excited to bring a new concept to the neighborhood for all the local soccer players, as there has not been anything like it available before. With affordable pricing and flexible scheduling, they hope to reach a broad audience.

“We are discussing to create things for the community, to interact with the community,” said Lagayette. “All ages, all genders, everyone is more than welcome.”

If 10 climate-controlled fields equipped with cameras to rewatch your games don’t seem like a dream already, the facility also has a cafe and bar. Hit the lockers and then kick back with a cold beer and watch major league and world soccer games broadcasted on large screens.

SoFive will also be partnering with Street Soccer USA. A nonprofit that works in underprivileged communities to provide soccer opportunities for youth. In conjunction with Sofive, Street Soccer USA will be running youth and adult soccer leagues as well as community tournaments. They are also working with We Can Kick It, a charity event for kids with cancer to play soccer. SoFive will be offering free games at their facilities for the children.  

If you’ve never played soccer before, now’s your chance: with pick-up games priced at $10 for two-hours, you’ll be shuffled in with other people who came to play and socialize. SoFive also offers birthday parties and corporate parties, nothing to build the team spirit like a friendly game of soccer! To stay tuned for more news from SoFive, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

“It’s a pretty cool asset for soccer players in the area,” said Lagayette. “You meet new people, it’s super friendly and super fun!”

Cover image courtesy of the Andy Hall

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