Riseboro Farmer’s Market Highlights Neighborhood Migration

Angely Mercado

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Migration is an integral part of what has made Bushwick unique over the years. It has turned the neighborhood into an amazing tapestry of different languages, cultures, cuisines and recipes. 

The area is made up of all kinds of immigrants– especially people from parts of Latin America like Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and more. That diversity is reflected in the breadth of Bushwick businesses, especially restaurants.

The neighborhood is home to one of the largest Puerto Rican identifying enclaves in the entire borough. Around 65% of the area identifies as Hispanic according to a 2015 city report and more than 30% of Bushwick is foreign born.

The RiseBoro Farmers Markets also reflect Bushwick’s diversity by highlighting vendors from all kinds of backgrounds who come and share their story of migration. Patrons get to add to the narrative of migration by attending and learning about and sampling products and produce grown locally, by our neighbors from all over the world. These stories belong to farmers from Mexico, craftspeople from Ecuador, body care alchemists from the Dominican Republic and nut butter makers from the left coast, among others.

During Hispanic Heritage Month and every other month beyond, the RiseBoro Farmers Markets outlines  all that community members from Hispanic countries contribute to Bushwick and to RiseBoro. This includes families and residents who come and support the market, vendors who share their culture through their products, and RiseBoro’s dedicated Farmers Market staff who provide service in both English and Spanish.

So regardless of whether it’s Hispanic Heritage Month or not, RiseBoro and the vendors found at the market will always use any opportunity to celebrate migration and how it has brought so many communities together in Bushwick.

“RiseBoro is committed to supporting Bushwick’s diverse populations,” stated Maria Viera, Vice President of Community Affairs at RiseBoro Community Partnership, “The RiseBoro Farmers Markets not only provide residents with access to healthy food, they are also an opportunity to celebrate Bushwick’s multicultural character”  

Help RiseBoro continue to celebrate and support Hispanic vendors by attending one of the many markets this year.

Find the RiseBoro Farmers Markets in the neighborhood this year:

RB Bushwick Farmers Market

Saturday 9a.m. – 3p.m., May 19 to December 15

Maria Hernandez Park

RB Rheingold Archway Market

Sunday 10a.m. – 4p.m., May 20 to December 16

533 Bushwick Ave between Noll and Arion

Socioeconomic inclusion is a key mission of the markets, so cash, credit, SNAP, and WIC are all accepted.

For more information about RiseBoro Farmers Markets, email [email protected], or call (718) 416-4561.

For more information about RiseBoro’s work in Bushwick, see their website.

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