City Removed Over 60 Garbage Bins In Ridgewood To Clean Up Streets

Angely Mercado

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The New York City Department of Transportation removed over 60 pubic trash cans in Ridgewood in an attempt to keep streets clean the New York Times reported. 

The efforts were made to curb the amount of city residents who throw out their personal trash into city trash cans. Over 200 trash cans were removed from Harlem due to overflowing cans. 

Ridgewood has experienced similar problems in the past with overflowing cans found in commercial corridors. Board member Paul Kerzner was a major influence in having the city remove 63 of the 67 bins in Ridgewood according to The New York Post

The Times reported that the majority of cans have been removed from busy commercial areas of the neighborhood — which explains why there are less trash cas along Myrtle Avenue.

“Every single one of them was abused — they were all overflowing,” he said. Now the street is “immaculate” he told The Post. 

Cover photo courtesy of NeONBRAND 

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