Police and Community Leaders Recognize Honorees at 35th National Night Out Against Crime

Anthony Medina


Bushwick’s own 83rd precinct celebrated the 35th annual National Night Out Against Crime with local politicians and honorees at Maria Hernandez Park this Tuesday, August 7.

Sgt. Anna Serrano dancing to the Spanish tunes of salsa music with a newly found dance partner.

National Night Out Against Crime was created to bring police and the community to be held every first Tuesday in August. Each year, honorees are chosen for their unique achievements and efforts to help their neighborhood.

Two award winners, longtime residents Amanda Serrano and Cindy Serrano, were recognized for their achievements as world class boxing champions in their respective weight classes.

The Serrano sisters said they typically frequent the area around Maria Hernandez Park to exercise and felt safe with the 83rd precinct’s presence. Amanda Serrano said she provided exclusive tickets to residents interested in seeing her fight at the Barclays on Saturday, September 8.   

Elected officials who visited the Night Out included Lieutenant Governor of NYC Kathy Hochul, Community Council President Barbara Smith and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. She took the opportunity to address gun control and public safety.   

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez besides Council President Barbra Smith addressing a lively crowd. Tuesday also served as Smith’s 25th year hosting the National Night Out Against Crime.

“My message to the NRA is this…I stand with law enforcement officers, I stand with my community and the children of our community,” said Velazquez. “We must ban assault weapons and we must pass common sense legislation that will protect our children, families and our police officers.”

Council member Raphael Espinal and Assembly Member Martiza Davila also shared their appreciation of police and community members later during the event. 

Deputy Inspector Sergio Centa along with NCO supervisor Sgt. Anna Serrano received special recognition from city offices in Brooklyn for their work bringing the community together and keeping the public safe from harm. 

Sgt. Serrano worked for the 83rd precinct for 23 years as well as coordinating the neighborhood policing efforts by the city for a little over a year.

Food, beverages and entertainment were provided throughout the event– until a thunderstorm came ended the event early. Parents and children were seen leaving their strollers, bikes and skateboards behind while they fled to nearby tarps. 

A rainy forecast in the middle of the NNOAC event just before handing out complimentary tote bags.

The next community council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18 at the 83rd precinct on 480 Knickerbocker Ave, according to Smith.

All photos courtesy of Anthony Medina

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