Katy Golvala

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Of all the changes Bushwick has experienced over the last twenty years, one of the most noticable has been the disappearance of families with children.

In 2000, Bushwick was a family neighborhood. More than half (54%) of households had at least one child under the age of 18 years old, the second highest rate of any community district in the entire city, according to data from the American Community Survey (ACS).

But as of 2016, only slightly more than a quarter of households in Bushwick have children under 18. Now, instead of being the neighborhood with the second-highest rate of families in the city, Bushwick ranks 40th out of 55 community districts.

This change has been happening since 2000, but has accelerated over the last six years. In 2010, 43 percent of households in Bushwick had children, but by 2016, that number had dropped to only 26 percent.

One contributing factor to this shift is the skyrocketing rent. As Bushwick Daily recently covered, the neighborhood is home to some of the fastest-rising rents in all of New York City. The result is that long-time residents and families are being pushed out and replaced with younger, more affluent residents.

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