Katy Golvala

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Like many neighborhoods in New York City, Bushwick is a community of immigrants. Recent data from the American Community Survey estimates that more than one-third of Bushwick residents – or 47,000 people – are born outside the U.S.

Bushwick’s largest immigrant groups are Dominicans (12,000 residents), Mexicans (8,600 residents), and Ecuadorians (7,900 residents), accounting for 26 percent, 18 percent, and 16 percent of the neighborhood’s foreign-born population, respectively. About two-thirds of Bushwick’s foreign-born population are non-citizens.

The neighborhood serves as a hub for immigrants from Mexico and Ecuador. Bushwick has the third-highest concentration of foreign-born Ecuadorians and the fourth-highest concentration of foreign-born Mexicans of any neighborhood in the city. Even though Dominicans represent the biggest foreign-born population in the neighborhood, Bushwick’s Dominican population is dwarfed by the Dominican presence in neighborhoods like Jackson Heights, where the total number of foreign-born Dominicans is almost 70,000.

While having a third of residents born outside the U.S. might seem high, Bushwick’s foreign-born population is slightly below the average for New York City, which has around 37 percent foreign-born residents, totaling to just over 3 million people.

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Cover image courtesy of Kyle Glenn