Worried About the L Shutdown? Then Hop on the Bike Train

Evan Haddad


Still unsure how you’ll get to the office next year during that pesky L-train shutdown? 

Next Thursday, nonprofit organization Transportation Alternatives is hosting BikeTrain Rally and Ride, the first in a series of group bike commutes from Brooklyn into Manhattan to demand better mass transit options during the L train shutdown, including a safe route for bikers.

Representatives from the offices of North Brooklyn Council Members Antonio Reynoso and Stephen Levin will be coming along for the 8 a.m. ride, and commuters will make a pit-stop where they’ll greet Manhattan Council Member Keith Powers.

Currently, MTA’s mitigation strategy for the April 2019 shut down includes three main categories: subway service, the Williamsburg Bridge, and street design.

“We think we can do better,” BikeTrain organizer Chelsea Skye told Bushwick Daily.

Bikers should gather outside The West Brooklyn at 379 Union Ave., which is a few blocks from the Lorimer stop on the L train. The ride will begin shortly thereafter, picking up more bikers on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge at 9:15 a.m., and ending at 10 a.m. at West 13th St. 

Make sure to wear grey to show your L-train love.

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Cover image courtesy of Transportation Alternatives

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