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It was an unexpected first day of spring yesterday. Here’s how Bushwick spent it.

 Wishin’ this was spewing cold water on a hot day.

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 It’s never too cold or snowy for a photo opportunity.

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 This snowman is missing a couple of carrot sticks.

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 A flamingo got lost — or maybe it’s just someone’s emotional support animal.

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 Those boughs look awfully heavy. Let’s find out how fast Verizon Fios really is when one snaps and the internet goes out. 

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 “Man, those pants aren’t too short…they’re too long!” — ancient fashion advice.

 Are snow days the safest time for riding bikes?

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 Now you don’t even have to pretend to pick up that dog poop. 

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 Because you still need Chinese food.

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Cover image courtesy of Phil Buehler