Evan Haddad


A dude in Bushwick is offering the ladies a “chance to get back at men” and “be empowered and get paid for it.”

Alex, a self-described handsome and respectful 35-year-old guy, wants to be used as your cleaning and chore slave, according to a recent Craigslist post in the talent gigs section.

“Make me do your laundry, clean your bathroom, sweep the floor, clean your shoes, cook for you, massage you, you name it, I’ll do it!” Alex wrote. “There is no nudity unless you request, I will dress in whatever you choose and sex is not expected at all, but I will do as ordered.”

The poster claims to be open to ideas and fantasies of all sorts, especially the humiliation and abuse type. Alex is willing to come to your place or have you come to his and pay $25-$40 depending “on experience and what you’d like slave to do.”

The poster tagged himself at 7 Wyckoff Ave. near the Jefferson Street L train station.

Cover image courtesy of Kira auf der Heide