Jacque Medina


Last week we compiled a list of things you must know about the 2017 New York Primary. Yesterday, city residents turned out—sort of—to vote on which candidates they want to go on to win elections for us. 

But as far as turnout goes, this was a rather weak showing. Only 437,517 people showed up to cast their votes. That amounts to a little under 14 percent of the the 3.1 million active Democratic voters. Of course, it’s still better than 2009, when only 11 percent of active eligible voters showed up for the mayoral primary.

Here is a list of the winners that appeared on Bushwick residents’ ballots: 


Bill de Blasio won the Democratic party nomination for the New York City mayoral race with roughly 75 percent of the vote. He will go on to run against Nicole Malliotakis in November, who ran unopposed in the primary for the Republican Party. 

Brooklyn District Attorney: 

Incumbent Eric Gonzalez won the Brooklyn DA Democratic Primary with around 53 percent of the vote. 

Public Advocate:

Incumbent Public Advocate Letitia James also won the primary with 77 percent of the vote.

City Council – District 34:

Antonio Reynoso, the incumbent councilmember, won with roughly 65 percent of the vote. 

In short, we saw no surprises here. And if we were a pessimistic sort, we might start to wonder if the collective talk about getting more involved in local politics is only talk and nothing more.

Photo by Noah Grezlak on Unsplash.