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Bushwick spends the winter inside and the spring and summer splayed out across patios, fire escapes, rooftops, and occasionally at the beach. While we all agree that the notion of a beach body is ridiculous, having warmer weather does encourage us to look and feel more active after the long hibernation. 

This is the definitive guide to working out in Bushwick (minus yoga, which we will cover in another post), including gyms new and old, and what our contributors do to stay active now that the sun is out.

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 Richie’s Gym
     54-19 Myrtle Ave. #3
     6 Stanwix St. 

This no frills gym gets points for a daily rate of $5 or $25 monthly and dumbells up to 230 pounds. They specialize in bodybuilding but offer options for those of us who are primarily into cardio. No motivational posters on the wall here, though, which for some of us works better than the alternative.

Image courtesy Blink Fitness.

 Blink Fitness
     399 Knickerbocker Ave.

One of the newest kids on the block, this chain’s outpost is small but well-appointed. The most basic monthly membership will run you $15, which is especially a steal if you’re able to go during the quiet midday hours.

 Planet Fitness
     329 Wyckoff Ave.
       777 Broadway

One clear benefit to this budget-friendly option is 24 hour access. The cheapest membership at these convenient locations is only $10, and more hours open generally equals less crowding so you can always snag your favorite elliptical. 

Courtesy of Crunch Facebook.

 Crunch Fitness
     785 Flushing Ave.

Crunch Fitness suffered from a disastrous launch that had some people purchasing early bird memberships in 2013 and waiting two years for the gym to actually open. Right now, it’s another no-frills gym offering budget memberships at $10 a month, but this one offer a few more classes than its direct competitors.

 Ridgewood YMCA
     69-02 64th St.

While the basic monthly membership for the YMCA is higher at $49, the gym itself has a sauna, a basketball court, and a wealth of classes available to members. It seems like a good alternative for those of us who want a more varied workout.

 World Gym of Ridgewood
     1661 Weirfield St.

This gym offers Zumba classes and has a dedicated spin room and a smoothie bar. In other words, it’s a good middle ground between the YMCA and the other nearby franchise options both in terms of class offerings and amenities.

 Bushwick Crossfit
     10 Wilson Ave.

Crossfit is not for everyone, but the intense workout has a huge number of devoted followers who don’t mind the grueling nature of it. This particular gym offers two different free intro classes so you can decide if the odd blend of weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics is right for you. 

 Green Fitness Studio
     232 Varet St.

The compact studio prides itself on being the “first eco friendly fitness center” through the use of bamboo floors, a green roof, and recycled rubber floors to name a few features listed on their website. The class offerings are extensive, but expect to pay more than you would for a chain. 

 Maria Hernandez Park

If you don’t want to spend your time cooped up on a treadmill, consider the track around Maria Hernandez Park. Each lap is equal to one third of a mile and one mile gets you three different views of the ever-changing dog park. Their calisthenics equipment in the middle of the park provides some much needed variety to jogging routines. 


While it may sound morbid, jogging the trails at any of Bushwick and Ridgewood’s expansive cemeteries can be a peaceful and pensive experience. The Evergreens Cemetery provides rolling hills and Linden Hill Cemetery is a bit more manageable in terms of size so you don’t get yourself lost after hours. Word to the wise, cemeteries close early. This is not an activity for night owls. 

Photo by Linda Xu.


Even though debate over the utility of bike lanes continues in some circles, the welcome addition of lanes to Irving and Knickerbocker Avenues makes biking feel vaguely safer. The activity has the added benefit of being a mode of transportation that can get you to your destination faster than public transit, depending on where you’re going.

 Assorted Favorite Healthy Activities

Our contributors also rave about the benefits of taking yourself on meandering walks, playing tennis in Highland Park, and running to specific locations like Williamsburg Piers, about three miles away from the north end of Bushwick.

Featured image courtesy of Planet Fitness.