In a New Game, Bushwick Renters Can Explore The Factors Affecting Life in Aging New York Buildings

If you’ve ever wondered how your landlord came up with your monthly rent total but don’t have any idea where to start trying to calculate that: a new web-based game will help you learn what goes into making an apartment building a livable place.

Life of a Building,” a game created by Citizens Housing Planning Council (CHPC) and launched with support from the New York State Association for Affordable Housing, presents a simple premise: players are presented with a building and are tasked with maintaining its financial, physical and social health as tenants move in and out, a new owners take over, and repairs crop up.

The game is meant to teach users about the complex dynamics of maintaining affordable housing stock. It’s a follow up to “Inside the Rent,” another CHPC game released in 2015 that used a similar format to introduce the precepts of developing new affordable housing.

Not as sexy as PlayStationVR, perhaps, but an interesting learning tool for renters citywide.

Check it out, Bushwick!

Featured image: Knickerbocker Avenue. Via Wikimedia Commons.

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