A Bushwick man who disappeared overnight between Monday and Tuesday has been been found, those close to him tell Bushwick Daily.

The friends of 26-year-old musician, artist and furniture builder Alexis Garcia-Barragan spent Tuesday desperately worried about their friend, who they’d last seen at around 2:00 a.m. in the early hours of Tuesday morning near Central Avenue and Bleecker Street, walking away from his Grove street home.

According to his roomate Taylor Winsted, Garcia-Barragan left the house on the cold November night without his jacket, keys, wallet or any money and was not heard from all day on Tuesday. “Alexis is going through some hard times,” a worried Winsted told Bushwick Daily.

Garcia-Barragan hails from the Bay Area, and his faraway family spoke with Winsted as his friends in New York filed a missing person report with the NYPD and looked for him throughout the neighborhood and beyond.

On Wednesday morning, Winsted told Bushwick Daily that Garcia Barragan has been located.

If you see the missing person flyers up around the neighborhood today, rest assured that the hard work of good friends can make all the difference when someone goes missing!