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With arguably the most crucial election of our generation creeping up on us quicker than Trump behind Hillary during the second debate, we don’t blame you for looking for an escape this D-Day. The world as we know it may come to an end, but who says you have to suffer alone? Gather your nearest and dearest and flock to one (or several) of the below neighborhood hot spots that will be covering the election this Tuesday, November 8th.

1. The Well

Remixed and reformed election coverage will be fueled by copious amounts of beer all night long. You can distract yourself with special installations, videos and music performances if the state of our nation becomes too much to handle.

2. House of Yes

After you cast your ballot, you can hit the poles in true Bushwick fashion by strutting your stuff dressed as a Nasty Woman, Small Handed Man or any infamous Founding Father for a complimentary costume party during a live screening of election results.

3. Lot 45

Whichever side you’re on, they’ve got you covered with Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour until 8pm as election coverage streams in.

4. Terra Firma

Enjoy tacos and Mexican beer specials starting at 6pm, then take your best swing at their Trump piñata.

5. Starr Bar

The new neighborhood gem will be streaming the election results as we bite our nails in anticipation.


Acting as the unofficial Clinton campaign headquarters for the evening, there will be live coverage, drink specials and “appearances” by both candidates.

7. Norbert’s III

Few things are more patriotic than watching the election at your favorite neighborhood pizza shop with $2 All American Buds.

8. Our Wicked Lady

Drown your sorrows or celebrate your victory with 2 for 1 wells and drafts during the much anticipated screening.

9. Pine Box Rock Shop

Colorful drinks specials such as the Donkey Punch and The Elephant in The Room will give you a good buzz to bear out the long night.

10. The Footlight

If you’re tired of the same old CNN or Fox News coverage, there will be comedians hosting the live coverage on a projector while you take advantage of the drink specials.

11. Dromedary Bar

Dromedary is hosting Election Night trivia while screening the ballot count—not to mention Duncan’s Burgers is serving up its tasty all-American fare at this Irving Avenue tiki bar these days!

12. Mahji

Have some filling, delicious Koren fried chicken at this East Williamsburg joint before hitting the bottle for the night!

13. The Sampler

2 separate screens will present the results at Sample, and KCBC Robot Fish #2 will be a special all night long, (as well as shot specials on house tequila).

14. Aunt Ginny’s

Select drafts and well drinks at this Ridgewood neighborhood bar will be a two for one special tonight, and $5 will get you two tacos.

15. Covert Coffee

This Broadway coffee shop is staying open late tonight—until midnight or the end, whichever comes first.

16. Guacuco Hot Dogs

Pair the house’s $6 beer and shot special with a hot dog that’s a cut above your average American ballpark frank!

17. Sweet Jane’s

$6 at Ridgewood’s Sweet Jane’s will get you either a Bud and whiskey shot; $5 will get you a Tecate and some tequila. Salud!

18. Precious Metal

This Troutman Street watering hole will offer $4 Anchor Liberty Ale all night long, plus a mezcal margarita with chipotle hot sauce called—you guessed it—the Bad Hombre.

19. Wayward Social

This East Williamsburg bar took a simple approach: happy hour will be all night long.

20. The Little Whiskey

$20 beer buckets are this establishment’s way of coping with the election.

21. Cobra Club

Order yourself a $5 HBIC cocktail at Cobra Club while watching the results come in.

Make America Great Again by VOTING this November 8th …then watching history unfold at one of these great spots.

Featured image:  A child holds the American flag during an Independence Day celebration. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.