Watching Tim Kaine and Mike Pence square off on stage tonight during the first vice presidential debates will likely be less of an outrageous spectacle than last week’s presidential debate was, but hopefully it’ll still present the American public with insight into how their votes will affect policy in this country.

The first veep debates kick off at 9 p.m. Eastern Time tonight. It will be livestreamed from Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, and CBS News anchor Elaine Quijano will be moderating.

You could watch the debates on Twitter from bed so you can retweet Merriam-Webster’s sick burns in real time without distraction— or you could go be around your fellow Americans, plus the amused citizens of other countries who can’t believe how ridiculous this election is.

Here are the spots around Bushwick, in no particular order, where you can catch the debate while staving off gloom about the state of politics with booze—the red-blooded American way!


Voter registration forms, beer specials, and cocktails called the Tremendous Trainwreck and the Pantsuit will be on offer at Pine Box tonight.


If you’re a craft beer lover, take comfort from the lovingly curated beer selection at Lantern Hall, which is screening the debate on both TVs and projectors.

3. Heavy Woods

“Let’s drink and watch, because who knows, one of these guys could actually become president,” reads the invite to this debate watch party. The last debate was screened in the back room, but this time around, the party’s going to be up front.

4. Covert Coffee:

This cozy little coffee shop at 1643 Broadway, in between the Halsey and Chauncey stops on the J train, will stay open late tonight to screen the debates on the house projector.

5. The Bodega

St. Nicholas Avenue’s premier wine bar will be playing the debates loud and clear tonight for all to commiserate over.

6. Bonus Room

Ridgewood’s basement lounge-style bar will be screening tonight’s debates as well. At this spot, you can distract yourself with the house’s pool table, video games, board games or pinball machines, if you find you need a diversion from the on-screen action.

7. Divine Bar

This classic bar off of Myrtle-Broadway will be screening the debates in its front room—step onto the patio out back if you find you need a breather between debate segments!

8. The Well

Debate watchers packed the house at this cavernous East Williamsburg watering hole for the debates last week: the organizers for this one want to “Make America Fun Again!” As always, the house will have lots and lots of beer options to fuel your debate analysis.

9. The Footlight

The footlight is hosting a “hell mouth happy hour” starting at 7 p.m. and leading up to the debates, and the screening here will be concurrent with a drink and draw and a comedy hour.

10. Left Hand Path

This staple of the local bar scene will be screening the debates. Take advantage of the personal USB ports so you don’t have to turn away from the outraged debate reactions on social media because of a low battery.

11. Sweet Jane’s

This neighborhood joint in Ridgewood has frozen margaritas, boozy milkshakes and beer floats, for some sweet debate night imbibing.

Are you hosting a debate screening? Do you know of one that should be on our list? Hit us with it and we’ll add it on here!

Politics! Banter! Alcohol! Cheers, Bushwick.

Featured image: The stage at this year’s Republican party debates in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons.