There’s an election on today, Bushwick! And it’s an important one for state and local issues: It’s the state legislature primaries, and there are over 200 seats in both the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly which need to be filled in two months time.

All 63 members of the New York State Senate and all 150 members of the New York State Assembly will be up for grabs this year; the parties will pick their nominees on September 13.

In case you were wondering, all of Bushwick lies in the 18th district, currently represented by Martin Malave Dilan in the Senate. He is up against Debbie Medina in the primaries, who earlier this year, aligned herself with the policies of Bernie Sanders.

Our state assemblywoman is Martiza Davila, representative in the 53rd district, encompassing the northern section of Bushwick. She is running unopposed, even in the general election.

And Erik M Dilan, representing the 54th district encompassing the southern section of Bushwick. He is running unopposed for his party’s nomination, but this is also the only Bushwick district with a Republican candidate in the general election, Khorshed Chowdhury.

Voting in the primaries is a great way to earn some true street cred as a participant in democratic society–something we all need a bit more of. But in our neck of the woods, the only primary where your vote matters is the contested state senate race, which also happens to be the biggest one on the ballot.

Hurry in because polls close at 9pm, and if you forgot your polling location, find your registration card or click around our handy polling locations map.

And when you’re done voting, get ready to watch two of the four presidential candidates take advantage of some free publicity in the form of a debate on September 26 at Hofstra University and on televisions at bars all around the neighborhood.