Featured image: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, from Wyckoff Avenue and Dekalb Avenue. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Freshpond.

Do you have any thoughts about what could change for the better about local health care? Here is your chance to share your insights with those who are looking to improve it!

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has been granted a total of 59 million dollars to make improvements to its services, and officials are reaching out to the Bushwick public for input on how to spend the grant money.

On Monday, July 25 from 5pm until 8pm, join New York State’s Commissioner of Public Health Howard A. Zucker M.D. and Wyckoff Heights leaders at a round table discussion about the community’s health needs at the Hope Gardens Community Center, located at 422 Central Avenue (between Palmetto Street and Woodbine Street).

Space is limited, and organizers encourage the public to RSVP by calling 347-762-0805 or emailing bkvoiceyourvision@gmail.com.

See you there, Bushwick!

By Griffin Irvine.