If you’re starting a business, writing a book or even working from home, you know it can be hard to get work done without the right space. How many of us can say our apartments are clean, quiet and streamlined enough to inspire productivity? Whether your roommate is blasting Netflix through a thin wall or your upstairs neighbor wears size 14 boots, you need a place to work.

Well, you’re in luck. Study Hall, Bushwick’s newest journalist-oriented coworking space is now open and ready to give you exactly what you need: a calm, clean, chill place to focus on your work. They’ve separated memberships (starting at $100/month) according to the frequency members would like to use the space, from desks for full time members to a larger table for those who only want to sign up for weekends.

Founder Kyle Chayka, a freelance writer who contributes to Bloomberg Businessweek and Pacific Standard, wants you to change out of your sweatpants and come meet some like minded community members. “Freelancing often means sitting in your bedroom on your computer, and not talking to another soul for an entire day,” he commented. “We wanted to create a space so people can talk with like-minded people, collaborate on projects, and try to form a community around what they do for work.”

Amenities include tons of natural light, a rad vintage couch, plenty of coffee, and high speed internet. And who knows, you might just meet someone to collaborate with. “We want to create more than a physical space,” Kyle told us. “Eventually we imagine Study Hall as a network of freelancers who can help each other succeed.”

Study Hall: 119 Ingraham Street off the Morgan L. To contact, email [email protected] or [email protected]