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Food and Local Business Editor


Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Bushwick’s “Breaking Bad” inspired coffee shop, has opened its third location—in Dubai (!), making it the first local business with locations in both this neighborhood and the United Arab Emirates.

WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN @walterscoffee.uae . Come and try our coffees! ☕️?? #walterscoffee

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Walter’s Coffee Roastery location in Dubai, courtesy of their Instagram.

When the Bushwick Walter’s opened in August 2016, owner Deniz Kosan told Bushwick Daily that he hoped his trademarked coffee laboratory would become “the next Blue Bottle.”

The shop’s name is an homage to antihero Walter White, the chemist protagonist of AMC’s beloved show “Breaking Bad,” whose precise methodology as a scientist, which the coffee shop also aspires to, equips him to produce premium meth.

Indeed, when you walk inside any location of Walter’s Coffee, you are greeted by the periodic table of elements. If you order a drink to stay, it might be served in a beaker.

One of the charms of the Bushwick Walter’s which makes this spot especially dear to this writer is its abundance of outlets for charging laptops, phones and other devices, making it one of the only coffee shops in the area where one can plow through work without worrying about whether or not a battery will die.

Next time you’re in Dubai, or Istanbul for that matter, know that you can still feel at home inside of Walter’s!

Featured image: Some delicious C8H10N4O2 at Walter’s. Photo courtesy of Walter’s Coffee Roastery.