Would These L Train Shutdown Solutions Ease Bushwick’s 2019 Transit Woes?

A New York City urban design institute’s single day L train shutdown solution competition yielded some interesting results, which L train riders will enjoy checking out.

The Van Alen Institute’s L train Charette, held on Sunday, June 12th, provided a group of preselected urban planning wonks with an opportunity to show off their skills in a forum with much more visibility than the average planning event: a timed competition that ended with a presentation to a live audience.

The winning proposal was a two-pronged concept that made use of Newtown Creek for a ferry system and the LIRR freight track for a passenger train; Among the other concepts that got the attention of attendees were a “game”-style transit mobile app that incentivized commuters to make use of alternative travel options with points and prizes; an all access NYC transit system pass, and the now famous “inflatable condom” walkway across the east river.

Take a look through the other proposals, linked to above. What’s your take on these ideas, as a North Brooklyn resident who will doubtlessly be affected by the L train shutdown?

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