L Train just debuted a sneak peek of what 2019 + “only 18 months” will look like

North Brooklyn straphangers heading home from nine to fives on Monday evening got a taste of what a partial L train shutdown would feel like when signal problems caused significant delays along the line that runs between downtown Manhattan and Canarsie. According to MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz, service was impacted from about 5:30pm until 2am this morning.

Nooooooo L train service.

— Suzie Thundertussy (@storm_tracer)

This is the platform at Union Square at rush hour when the L train to Brooklyn stops running & this is when I cry. pic.twitter.com/7bDfMYaIvS — Maxine Builder (@maxine_builder) June 7, 2016

TFW the L train countdown timers start going up

— Brendan Berg (@gnuaesthetic)

S/o to the L train pic.twitter.com/XJfp6V5mND — Claire Boston (@claireeboston) June 7, 2016

The delays inspired the same thought for many: waiting endlessly on a steamy, crowded train platform that smells like garbage for an L train that may or may not ever come with few to no good alternative transit options for getting home is what the upcoming 2019 L train shutdown might look like. The L train died. It’s dead. And they didn’t even shut the tunnel down yet. #MTA #MakeAmericaLateAgain

— Timothy Anderson (@timinbklyn) June 6, 2016

Want to know what an L train shut down looks like? Try getting on the train right now. — Anika Maxwell (@anikamxwll) June 6, 2016

— Cas Cas The Explorer (@Casamafrazz) June 6, 2016 Make America late again, indeed. Just saying—it’s prime cycling season right now.