The interior of Wyckoff Ave’s All Hail Tattoo. Courtesy of the owners.

A Wyckoff Avenue tattoo shop abruptly closed down last week, giving no notice to the organizers of a music and art festival it was scheduled to participate in.

All Hail Tattoo, located at 44 Wyckoff in between Starr St and Willougby Ave, will no longer operate at that address, Pickthorn Salon, a neighboring business, tells Bushwick Daily.

“We had no notice,” a Pickthorn representative tells Bushwick Daily. The salon was the site of Color Me Bushwick this weekend, and festival organizers had arranged for the tattoo shop to offer a themed set of flash tattoos to attendees at a discounted rate.

All Hail’s address used to house Morning Star Tattoo, a shop which had been owned by James “Dakota” Bond, the tattoo artist who was arrested in Louisana last fall after eight months on the lam for savagely beating his girlfriend.

An Instagram account for the shop has been deleted, the phone number for the shop is not in service, and the proprietors did not respond to requests for comment.