The Montrose stop on the L train. Photo by Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons.

L trains were not running between 8th Ave and Myrtle-Wyckoff Aves Tuesday evening after an individual was hit by a train at the Montrose Avenue stop in East Williamsburg.

The incident, which the FDNY tells Bushwick Daily occurred just before 4:19pm and was first reported by the MTA shortly after 4:30pm, brought ambulances and fire trucks to the intersection of Montrose Ave and Bushwick Ave, where bystanders told a Bushwick Daily reporter that the individual had been DOA upon emergency response team’s arrival, which the FDNY confirms.

Commuters who disembarked from the out of service train after the incident were told to wait for MTA buses which would bring them to their destinations, but more than an hour after the incident first occurred, many of the same individuals, and many more, were still waiting for the buses to arrive.

Reports that the struck individual jumped in front of the train have not been confirmed.

dunno what’s going on with the L train but YIKES

— Matthew Towles (@MatthewTowles) April 5, 2016

Got to love the L train… They close 90% of the route cause of a passenger hit (sorry for that person BTW) and no real alternate route.

— A. Yosh (@ThatYosh) April 5, 2016

Ughh… was totally on the ltrain when it struck something/SOMEONE at the montrose station. Came out to this madness — Chef John Creger (@Fuisine) April 5, 2016