Don’t worry, Bushwick—the L train may be out of service for a long time, but you’ll have ample opportunity to give the MTA a piece of your mind. Constructively, that is.

In early February, elected officials representing Northern Brooklyn met with MTA officials to discuss the impending L train tunnel repairs, and all parties agreed that the right thing to do is to talk to residents, business owners and other members of the L-dependent public to figure out how best to serve community transit needs while the project is in the works. Among the statements from public officials who attended the meeting was this insight: “We share the goal of frequent and reliable L service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.” Good to have established that, right?

Dates for these public meetings have not yet been announced, and the L Train Coalition is preparing an open letter to the MTA that requests details about the damage to the Canarsie tubes and proposed fixes for the damage. The Coalition also plans to call for an independent assessment of the tubes by a qualified, non-MTA engineer, and wants specifics about how their concerns will factor in to MTA decision-making. Stay tuned for the full letter, and meet the L Train Coalition yourself at their upcoming meeting next Wednesday, February 24th.

This process will take years and the mere idea of the shutdown has brought out hyperbolic tendencies in all corners, so the commitment to the public dialogue seems like a prudent one. But take a deep breath, and know that your elected officials, and the city’s somewhat less beholden Transit Authority, are listening.