Photos courtesy of The Rack Shack.

Attention, ladies of Bushwick! This party wants to supply you with your two most essential wardrobe items: comfortable sneakers and sexy lingerie!

Entrepreneur Laura Henny quietly opened her new boutique The Rack Shack at 155 Central Avenue, right by the Bushwick Bakery, last month and is inviting us all to “bring your friend, mom, cousin, boyfriend, fashion lover, sneakerhead and big or small boobed roommates” to her official opening party on Friday, February 12th. Stop by anytime from 4pm-9PM for drinks, snacks, and surprises! Also, there may be a pup or two there.

“My goal is to introduce the store in a festive way. I would love to talk to people and tell them about my plans for the store and to let people know that there is a store that sells cute bras for a large variety of cup sizes with funky lady sneakers. . .so many people helped me with this start-up, so it is also a celebration of the hard work,” says Henny. Bushwick Daily previewed the Rack Shack’s Indiegogo campaign last fall and announced its soft open in January.

Henny wants to provide an experience that goes above and beyond the services provided by a typical lingerie shop. If you’re a bustier woman, searching for lingerie that is both functional and sexy can be wildly aggravating.

She offers exceptional customer service that truly doesn’t disappoint: “I just dive in the dressing rooms and give them a few bras to try on. That way I base on what bra fits well. I don’t believe in a measuring lint because every brand fits different on every boob,” says Henny. Bra sizes range from 28A-38HH.



The Rack Shack carries Tutti Rouge, Gossard, Playful Promises, Love Claudette, Panache, Hanky Panky, and Little Bra Company for lingerie. For sneakers: Bucketfeet and Supra. And Pretty Polly for tights. Henny is also carrying Bijoux Indiscrets: “sensual accessories and erotic cosmetics”! Ooh, la-la. “I would like to let people know that this is just the beginning. I want to grow my collection so much more,” says Henny.

Laura Henny is a beloved former manager at 983 Bushwick’s Living Room. In the months leading up to her departure from 983 to open up the Rack Shack, she asked her bra-wearing colleagues there (this reporter among them) about their experiences with bra shopping. I think I was wearing a really shitty bra that day because, I thought: yeah, wearing a decently fitted bra right now would totally improve my confidence. This is exactly what Henny is trying to get at here, ladies. Finding the right bra might seem as unlikely as finding a matching sock in the morning (at least for me), but it so doesn’t have to be.

And since New Yorkers do so much walking, chances are you’re due for a new pair of sneaks, too.


Stop by this Friday evening! We’re pretty sure you have time before that other party/early Valentine’s day date. Kisses.

The Rack shack is located at 155 Central Avenue between Willoughbby Ave and Suydam Street, off of the Central Ave stop on the M train. Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm-9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm; closed Tuesdays. Visit their site for more information and follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates.