1200 Broadway now (image via Google Maps)

Perhaps you need a hotel room to finish your popular sex column while your hot boyfriend is (annoyingly) fixing up the floors in your apartment, and the hotel is where you may or may not hook up with your mean, hot ex (OK, you caught me–I was thinking of that Sex and the City episode).

Or more likely your parents from out of town are visiting and your sublet off the Kosciusko J stop is just big enough to fit in one twin-size bed, and so no, you can’t (probably never will) meet the expectations a Midwestern, middle-aged couple who is used to the luxuries of suburban spaciousness.

However sexy or mundane the story of your days is, it is set that a hotel belonging to a well-known hotel chain will grow at 1200 Broadway on the Bushwick-Bed Stuy border, as was first reported by a real estate site YIMBY.

The hotel will have 16 rooms at each of its six storeys, including a lobby, nine rooms and retail space on the ground floor, totalling 89 rooms at 37,372 square feet of commercial space. The plans don’t contain any mention of parking space. YIMBY also writes that this block was upzoned in 2012 from C8-2, which encourages low density, auto-oriented uses, to C4-4L, which allows larger, mixed-use developments. The stricter permitting process for the hotels as put in place by Mayor de Blasio, will thus not apply on this block because the policy refers to industrial zones only.

But this hotel will be standing immediately next to the roaring elevated subway tracks, so there’s that.

Also I want to point out that apparently enough time has passed so that we can like Sex and the City again, maybe with just a pinch of irony.