All images courtesy of Align

I know what you’re thinking: Another dating app? Yes, the market may be oversaturated with mobile dating apps, but this new app with a Bushwick connection is about the age-old question of “what’s your sign?”

Align aims to redefine the broken dating app space through star-powered connections, not through meaningless swipes. “We believe that dating has become increasingly superficial and uninspired, so we created Align to inject soul back into mobile dating,” say the two founders, Aliza Kelly Faragher and Helen Grossman.

Aliza and Helen noticed a cultural shift toward astrology, especially with millennials. “As we began researching this phenomenon, we discovered that it was very real thing: interest in astrology is higher today than it has been for the past 35 years. Helen and I (both being Leos, duh) recognized this incredible market opportunity, and created Align in response to this astrological resurgence,” says Aliza.

Aliza, a NY native, was in the art world for eight years before starting Align, where she co-founded OUTLET Fine Art in Bushwick with Julian A. Jimarez Howard. Helen, an LA native, previously worked as a social media and brand manager at a coworking startup.

The app is simple: Based on your sign, the app presents you with a list of adjectives and emojis. You choose the six you identify with the most, which then appear on your profile. You’ll get five matches a day, and if you both ‘align,’ then the connection begins.

To help create the app, Helen and Aliza enlisted the help of Annabel Gat, a seasoned astrologer who currently writes horoscopes for Broadly and is a regular at Catland. “Reading Annabel’s horoscopes is like talking to a friend, and that’s exactly the kind of voice we wanted to bring to our app. She has given us guidance on everything from compatibility to the best masturbation styles for Pisces (don’t ask). We love her!”

While astrology has long been a factor when it comes to dating, both Aliza and Helen believe now, more than before, an astrology dating app needed in today’s world. “Today’s millennials and gen z’ers are interested in self-exploration and self-indulgence as much as they are interested in connecting with other people, and astrology is a great way to learn all about yourself while also getting a more nuanced picture of others.”

They continue, saying, “you are who you are: a Pisces, an introvert, arrogant, hardworking, et cetera. No need to change, no need to posture, just be who you are and be open to understanding who the stars in your constellation are.”

Align is currently available on iOS. You can download it here.