Because it’s still a long way to weekend, we thought you might enjoy this video of Nikki Oriz, a 2015 national yoga Asana champion, doing some inverted yoga poses on top of a hippie bus at X Marks The Lot in Bushwick. Of course, she’s very skilled at yoga and also very sexy, and if this video won’t get you to Daya Yoga instead of 50-cent chicken wing night at Koda, then I don’t know what will….

“Doing yoga in uncomfortable places forces you to focus. You really have to shut down whatever is happening around you and get in your body. You have to figure out how to adjust your bones to an irregular surface and find out which muscles to use to grip the floor and maintain the balance. You also have to stop caring, and that’s pretty cool. You have to stop carrying about who’s watching, if what you’re doing looks cool or not, or whether you’re gonna get dirty or going to fall. You’ll probably get dirty, you’ll definitely fall a few times, but at some point you’ll be able to stop thinking and realize, ‘Oh my god I cannot believe I’m actually balancing here.’ It’s a cool feeling,” Nikki wrote at Yoganonymous.

Enjoy and do not try at home!