Have you been wondering what is Edward Scissorhands up to these days? I know, me too. So apparently, he’s moved to Williamsburg and is frequently riding his longboard through Bushwick. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that he found his home where so many of former suburban misunderstood souls feel so good. In Brooklyn.

This funny sketch video was created by Jesse Green who played Edward and edited the piece and his friend Wes Van Hees who is a cinematographer. Jesse told us that the idea to make the video came from his Halloween costume from a couple of years back.

“We thought it would be funny if Edward had moved to Williamsburg and had to deal with daily life there. We wanted part of his motivation to be a desire to ‘increase his social media presence,’ which would help his dating life,” Jesse told us.

The guys thought about the idea two weekends ago and boom, here’s the finished piece.