If you love to treasure hunt and appreciate brands with a rich back-story, you’ll want to stop by Bushwick’s newest spot to shop lovingly curated vintage clothing: The Lowry Estate, located at 448 Jefferson Street in Bushwick. Buzz #22 to be let into a gorgeous palette of fall hues and textures in dresses, winter coats, silk scarves and more.

Founded by Detroit-to-Brooklyn transplant, Corliss Elizabeth Williams, the shop is inspired by the stylish women of her family, some of whom came of age in Detroit’s heyday. You’ll find evidence of that in the vintage photographs displayed around the room—including a great snap of her grandmother, Mabel Lowry, riding a donkey in a seriously chic outfit.

As I sipped champagne during their opening weekend and leafed through the offerings, Corliss described the one woman who had inspired her more than anyone.

“A woman far ahead of her time, my grandmother was  fiercely independent professional. More than anything, she loved to express herself through fashion and during her life she traveled the world in Ferragamo and fur. My mother inherited this passion for style and in turn, she passed it on to me,” Corliss told us.

Corliss spent ten years as a graphic designer, and her visual communication and design training really paid off.  “I’ve always dreamed of opening my own clothing boutique and finally took the plunge in April,” she explained. “This meant moving away from my career as an editorial art director for magazines, but I’ve also been able to draw on my graphic design experience when creating the logo, marketing materials, and website.”

Face-to-face interaction is her priority, which is why she took her originally online-only shop into the realm of brick and mortar. Her experience selling at the Brooklyn Flea and getting feedback from shoppers helped her realize that selling vintage in person was key. “I told those shoppers that I was opening a Bushwick boutique in the fall—and that definitely motivated me to get everything together quickly.”

The Lowry Estate’s aim is to provide a welcoming and intimate shopping experience—and it is indeed an intimate space, but lacks nothing in terms of selection and enticing wardrobe options. You won’t find tangled hangers, rummage bins or a disarray—everything is arranged with the intention of leading shoppers through a full range of curated clothing from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Corliss pulled out one piece that belonged to her grandmother with a big smile on her face: a full length button-front dress in soft woven fabric. It was the perfect shade of creme. “I’m confident that the vintage shoppers of Bushwick will appreciate the care I put into hand selecting each and every item.”

Impressed with the cohesiveness and beauty of the space, I asked if she had any advice for those looking to open up shop in our neighborhood. “Just do it!” she replied enthusiastically, “I strongly believe in supporting fellow independently-owned clothing boutiques. It’s the only way we’ll be able to grow our businesses, build each other’s confidence, and realize our dreams.”

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The Lowry Estate: 448 Jefferson Street, Suite #22, at St. Nicholas and Jefferson St. (917) 974–4080; After dark, look out for the purple lights in the window. Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm, and by appointment.