Photo: Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily

This article originally appeared in Bushwick Notebook #2.

We polled 169 of you, beautiful peoples of Bushwick to find out everything about your secret dating lives. We asked you about the best spots to find a hookup, go on first date and then, uh, break up. The most popular responses for each category are below. (Sorry in advance for blowing up your spot.)

Bushwick and its relationship status

Bushwick’s Best Hookup Spots


The Johnson’s

Bossa Nova Civic Club

3 Diamond Door

Pearl’s and Billy Social Club

Lone Wolf



Cain’s Tavern [RIP]

Hana Natural

Roughly 15% of respondents had no idea where to pick up a hookup. Several responses were variations of “I wish I knew.” We feel for you.

Grabbing 17% of total responses, Tandem is the reigning king of the Bushwick hookup scene. Be warned slash you’re welcome.

Hana Foods (photo: Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily)

Surprisingly, Hana Natural made the hookup list. Yes, 3% of respondents said this is the spot to prowl. Picking up that 4 a.m. sandwich has never been sexier.

About 14% of y’all were all “eff a hookup spot, use a dating app.”

Bushwick’s Go-To First Date Spots


Northeast Kingdom

Heavy Woods


Dear Bushwick

Left Hand Path

Pearl’s and Billy Social Club

The Narrows


Montana’s Trail House

At 12%, Mominette leads the first date category, shocking no one that cute French bars are good for first dates. Pro-tip: Go on a Monday night for $1 oysters.

Mominette (photo: Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

About 2% of you jokesters submitted “my bedroom” as the best first date spot, which was sort of funny the first three times…

Bushwick’s Prime Breakup Spots

Maria Hernandez Park

On the street

On the L Train

The Narrows


Little Skips

Lone Wolf

The Rookery

Los Hermanos

Pine Box Rock Shop

Basically, Maria Hernandez Park should be called Breakup Park: 25% of respondents (!!!) come here to break up.

A surprisingly high 4% of you associate the Los Hermanos Taco Factory as the perfect spot to break up. Cry sweet tears into your tacos, kids.

Tortilleria Los Hermanos (photo: Angela Altus for Bushwick Daily)

According to 11% of respondents, the best place to break up is “Texting.” Since, uh, that’s not a place it didn’t make our list but good to know that for many of you, when it’s over—you out.

How often does Bushwick do it

19% of Bushwickians claim to have sex over 15 times per month

10 is the median number of times Bushwickians say they have sex per month

2 dates is the most popular answer (33%) for how many dates you’ll go on before you sleep with someone

9% of people go on 4 or more dates before sleeping with someone

49% of those single or dating have sex with 1 stranger per month

7% of those single or dating have sex with over 7 strangers a month on average