When I walked into my office after my first-ever acupuncture appointment a few years ago, my boss looked at me with wide eyes and asked if I’d been on vacation. The truth was, I’d just been laying on a table full of needles while enigmatic music wafted through the speakers of my acupuncturist’s apartment. I initially turned to acupuncture to help clear my severe acid reflux (which is now non-existent) but got hooked on the incredible feeling I took with me after each appointment.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to return to that feeling, so I jumped at the chance to try our new neighborhood acupuncture resource, Tigerlily Holistic located at 360 Jefferson St, #1C in Bushwick. Founded and run by Ariel Deva de León, whose welcoming presence could sooth even a nervous first-timer, this beautiful clinic indeed feels like a perfect place for the community to heal.

Upon entering the bright, warming space, you’re greeted by the staff and invited to have tea or water while you write down your physical and emotional goals for treatment. Some people go for pain, others go for stress, weight loss, or digestive issues (like me). However, the healthiest of Bushwick residents will feel a greater sense of peace and alignment after a session with one of Tigerlily’s experienced practitioners.

As Ariel explained, the high volume of patients seeking treatment allows for them to price on a sliding scale (and lower than any clinic I’ve been to—$20-45 with a one-time paperwork fee of $10 on your first visit), which in turn allows both the acupuncturists and patients to work through treatment and develop relationships over a longer span of time.

While she first began practicing at a community center as well as out of her own apartment in Greenpoint, Ariel (pictured above) was thrilled to merge that communal element with a more personal one in her own space. She had just three weeks to snatch up the loft-style room—which is situated next to Daya Yoga—and then she went to town installing a new floor, painting, and prepping it for business. “It has always come naturally to me to make people feel comfortable and manage the flow of things,” she told me. “This is a dream I’ve had that’s come to life.”

Treatment takes 30-45 minutes, with a resting period after your acupuncture has been administered. You can either be treated on a massage table or in a zero gravity reclining chair. Ariel explained that a series of treatments are also beneficial due to the meditative experience the patient can indulge in during the procedure. Which one of us couldn’t use a little time to lay back and just be?

Keeping with the Bushwick-theme, Ariel has showcased three Bushwick artists on her walls, and also sells a locally produced magnesium salve in addition to her other offerings (such as a Hard Working New Yorker Immunity tonic).

In addition to acupuncture, meditation circles and other body therapy-related activities will be popping up on their calendar moving forward. Since they’re also next to a great yoga studio, you might find yourself hanging around the building all day.

An online booking system makes it easy to manage your appointments, and walk-ins are also welcome. Hours will be modified according to demand moving forward, so don’t hesitate to reach out and experience the tranquility and health benefits of this amazing addition to our neighborhood.

Tigerly Holistic, 360 Jefferson St, ste 1C, Bushwick. Hours: Monday & Friday: 10am-8pm; Tuesday to Thursday: 10am-8pm. Closed on Sunday.