Screenshot from Craigslist

We’ve all been there: endlessly browsing Craigslist for hours to no end out of pure boredom or procrastination. Or when we’re actually trying to buy something, feeling too overwhelmed by the inexhaustible amount of items, each more hideous than the next. Either way, this week we’ve done the job for you, uncovering some hidden local gems right near your doorstep. From missed connections to bikes for sale, here’s this week’s best of Craigslist in our neck of the woods, curated by your friends at Bushwick Daily.

Best of Furniture:

1. A Russian Writer’s Dream Desk: $175


Can you picture it? You, a cigar, a dusty library behind you filled with leather-bound books. Rachmaninoff playing in the background. A large cat softly purring on your lap. A glass of whiskey in your hand. And this desk, completing the picture. For $175, we have no idea how it’s (at the time of writing) still listed.

2. Porn for the Chair Lover: $250


In a perfect world, this chair would be ours. We have a slight chair fetish, and an even more pronounced affinity to anything Scandinavian. $250 ain’t cheap, but for a Saarinen design, it’s a steal.

3. A Cool Retro-looking Dining Table: $80


$80 gets you the table and the three chairs. Inviting your friends over to drink malt milkshakes in roller skates because you’re totally feeling the retro vibe? Priceless.

4. A Dresser Out of a Rustic French Cottage: $100


This dresser seems like it could easily grace the interior of a cottage in Normandy, France. Somehow, though, it’s up for grabs in your favorite neighborhood this side of the Atlantic.

5. A couch out of Dwell Magazine: $400 OBO


The author of this post wanted this couch to herself, but alas it’s too big to fit through her narrow staircase. Such was the fate of the poster of this ad, who bought the sofa off another person only to find out she couldn’t hoist it up to her apartment. Are you a lucky Brooklyn resident with slightly more luxurious walls? Blue velvet, studs, a delicious design: This couch would have every interior designer drooling.

Best of Stuff:

1. The Hipster’s Sidekick: $40


“I don’t do email”

2. The “I don’t need  Tinder I got this bike” bike: $350


Stop. Look how cute. This bike is adorable. You will be too when it’s yours.

Best of Apartments:

Nothing to look at here, move along, rents are still astronomically high, apartments mostly windowless railroads.

Best of Pets:

The Artist’s Muse: $75


“Draw me like one of your French girls” is the only caption needed for cute little Toby.

Best of Missed Connections:

The Poetic Missed Connections Post:


My sweet clunker,

My Jewish locked queen,

biking along,

we almost made a connection.

Your hair made an impression.

Locks as old as the bible asserts

Why didn’t you join us?

Why didn’t I pursue to get your name?

The best missed connections poem of all time? You be the judge. The poem goes on for a few more stanzas and it’s just as amazing. And if you identify yourself as a “Jewish locked queen” with “olive smooth, toned” skin and dark eyes, then this might just be your prince charming.