Rheingold rendering. Image courtesy of ONA New York

The developers of the largest luxury residential development in Bushwick up to this date, don’t seem to plan on including the number of affordable housing units as they promised to the community.

The Rheingold Construction Committee has therefore organized a Town Hall meeting this coming Thursday at 6PM at Cathedral of Joy (43 George Street) to discuss the community action.

Largest luxury residential development occurring right now at the former Rheingold Brewery site will influence Bushwick more than anything else in the years to come. The developers of the seven-story, 392 unit building at 10 Montieth St were granted rezoning approvals from the city only after they promised that 30% of the Rheingold units will be affordable and that they will provide local jobs. However, the developers sold the project to new developers, Rabsky Group, who don’t seem to be too concerned about any of the promises made in the past.

The Rheingold Construction Committee, has been tracking the progress at the Rheingold site only to realize that the new plans filed with the city by Rabsky Group, do not indicate the agreed amount of affordable homes.

“Rabsky and Simon Dushinsky should do what is right and live up to the commitments that are attached to his newly purchased and newly rezoned land. The massive Rabsky development will serve as a symbol of economic inequality in our community,” Brigette Blood, a member of the Committee told us last month.  “Affordable housing must be part of Rabsky’s plan.”

Rheingold Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, July 30, 6PM at Cathedral of Joy, 43 George St in Bushwick.