bushwick photo walk

Materializing snippets of Bushwick life side by side legendary photographer Meryl Meisler is one of the best experiences you can hope for. Seeing Meryl relating to her subjects on the street is truly heartwarming and it really explains a lot about the success of the street photography she’s been practising for decades. Meryl is generous, really kind, and she doesn’t stop, not even for a second, to be one of them. When at a street, Meryl is not a widely exhibited and published photographer, she is a friend, a nice lady, you’d love to have chat with for a couple of moments, and of course you’ll pose for her picture. And so that big “angry looking” man suddenly breaks into a smile and turns out to be a total sweetheart, children stop playing just to pose for Meryl and of course, it will be a memorable picture.

And the great news? Meryl Meisler is taking us all with her! This coming Saturday, on July 11, from 11AM to 1PM, Meryl Meisler will walk through Bushwick accompanied by Bushwick historian John Dereszewski, Urban Enthusiast Adam Schwartz, Professional Women PhotographersBridging Bushwick Sculpture Garden, Bushwick Daily, and of course all of you!

The walk will start at Bizarre Black Box Gallery (12 Jefferson St) where Meryl currently exhibits her photographs from the book Sassy 70’s Suburbia & The City and will continue through our beloved neighborhood.

The participation is free and any camera or phone is welcome. We will publish the most beautiful of your creations. Just tag them #bushwickphotowalk (if instagramming) or email them at bushwickdaily[at]gmail.com (if using a camera).

4th Annual Bushwick History Photowalk, Saturday, July 11, 11AM-1PM, start from Bizarre Black Box Gallery, 12 Jefferson St, Bushwick. Free admission. #bushwickphotowalk


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