Bushwick’s own EBC High School (located at 1155 Dekalb Ave) has recently launched its new public arts initiative,


.  Through this organization, several distinguished street artists and student apprentices are creating murals around NYC schools.  Intertwining art with academia, BrookLYNK’s murals are placed right in the hallways of NYC schools.

Since EBC is at the cornerstone of this project, artists from around the country and globe have responded by transforming this high school’s hallways into a walk through modern day masterpieces. If any of you were lucky to attend on Saturday, June 27 EBC High School and BrookLYNK hosted their official launch event. Those of you who attended had the opportunity to meet the muralists and EBC students, and soaked up some jaw dropping murals.

Because of the murals, students and teachers alike are celebrating in intellectual conversation on the subjects of art, literature, history, and science at EBC. Weaving art into the public school curriculum as a progressive teaching method has proved to be successful.  If the kids these days are totally pumped about the art on the walls outside the classroom as it relates to their subjects inside the classroom, rest assured that EBC and BrookLYNK have made learning coolER.

If you were unable to attend the launch, don’t sweat it.  But, just to make sure you understand exactly how cool things are with EBC and BrookLYNK are, allow me to tease you with six murals that are currently up at EBC High School:

#1 “Queen of Salsa,” Celia Cruz, the late Cuban-American salsa singer/performer, as depicted by muralist Vince Ballentine


#2 Artists  Kristy McCarthyRaul Ruiz, Danielle Mastrion, and EBC High School Class President Shainek Edmundson wanted to create a mural that would perfectly depict the wishes, concerns, and desires of the school, so they surveyed and interviewed the entire student body at EBC. The mural was inspired by a student organized protest on the cases of Michael Brown and Ferguson.  Location: lunch room


#3 Albert Einsten painted by Nicholai Khan.  Find this guy in the school’s science room (duh!)


#4 Muralist Zimer would like you to meet the EBC school mascot: the Panther.  You have been warned.


#5 Imagine walking downstairs after class, and seeing this percussion of imagery. Work done by Zeso


#6 To honor the process of creating art here is a before and after shot of artist Mason Sills’ James Baldwin piece.