Community Wellness Fair is Coming to Maria Hernandez Park this Saturday

Aside from living in Bushwick, many of us commute to work in the city and to other parts of Brooklyn, spending large chunks of our day standing smashed up against a subway window, working for companies with strict deadlines that have us grinning with clenched teeth.  Now that I have you all riled up, allow me to spill the beans on what your healthy weekend plans are. Just go with me on this.


All photos courtesy of Ecostation:NY

Nestled in “pre-season” stage until the first couple weeks of July, EcoStation:NY has kicked off their farmer’s market season at Maria Hernandez Park.  For all you newbs, that’s every Saturday from 9AM to 4PM at the corner of Starr St and Knickerbocker Ave near the Jefferson L train stop.

But this Saturday (June 20) EcoStation:NY is hosting a Community Wellness Fair.  Now tell us what about “Community Wellness Fair” doesn’t make you want to set your alarm to the AM this Saturday (you always tell yourself that one of these Saturdays you will, right?), down a cup of coffee and a grapefruit before jogging over to Maria Hernandez Park?  On a serious note, I trust that this fair will set your weekend straight because, quite frankly, EcoStation knows what’s good for us.

Make no buts about it, the young nonprofit association devotes itself year-round to enriching the neighborhood by spearheading holistic community food projects that incorporate sustainable agriculture, environmental education, human health, and social justice. Nobody is rooting harder for the viability and growth of Bushwick quite like the folks over at EcoStation:NY.  Go for that morning grapefruit!  See how you feel.

So, Bushwick, in order to make the event as far reaching and engaging as possible, EcoStation is inviting outsiders so PLEASE HELP OUT if you can!

Areas of interest include:

-Health Resources

-Environmental Awareness

-Emotional & Spiritual Help

-Personal & Family Safety

-Financial Health

-Healthy Cooking & Eating

-Physical Fitness

-Learning & Volunteering Opportunities

If you are interested in helping out with the Community Wellness Fair, get in touch with Travis Tench, Director of Markets: [email protected]; tel (502) 494-0682.

Come July, Ecostation would also like you to know that their other two markets are within weeks of opening!  Starting Thursdays on July 9th from 2-7 PM, hit up the Broadway-Bedstuy Market at the corner of Broadway & Boyland (off the Halsey J).  And on Fridays starting July 10 from 2-7 PM, be sure to say hi at Make The Road NY Market at the corner of Myrtle Ave and Grove St (off the Myrtle Wyckoff L train stop).

This summer, be more mindful and learn how to cook already!

Bushwick Farmers’ Market Community Wellness Fair, June 21, Saturday, 9AM-4PM at Maria Hernandez Park, Knickerbocker Ave & Starr St. Free admission.

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