The time has arrived when we at Bushwick Daily are looking to expand the ranks of our talented writers, videographers, illustrators, and a managing editor, and as usual we are looking at you, Bushwick, the most magnificent pool of talent ever!

We are looking for fresh and exciting voices who love the area of our coverage–Bushwick, Ridgewood, and East Williamsburg, and ideally reside in it.

Why should you consider working for us?

Bushwick Daily is a beloved, independently owned local publication of 7 years with over 200k readers a month. Thanks to your involvement with Bushwick Daily you’ll meet people and gain access to places and events regular mortals only dream of. Moreover, all major New York publications closely follow Bushwick Daily, which will put your work in the spotlight, and it’s only up to you to seize the opportunity! Our alumni have gone on to work for The New Yorker, The NY Times, Vice, MTV News, DNAinfo, Daily News, Salon, and many more! Please be aware that we are a local publication, which creates its revenue from the sale of mostly local advertising, which is hardly comparable to city-wide or national publications. The pay is modest, but the payoff can be huge!

Specifically we are looking for people to fill the following positions:

Temporary Managing Editor/Writer

Our present and beloved managing editor Magdalena Waz has moved away from New York and we are looking to replace her. This is a temporary position with a possibility of turning permanent. Managing Editor works remotely (but has to be located in Bushwick) from Monday to Friday 4 hours a day, and attends short weekly editorial meetings. Managing Editor is responsible for three articles a day. Managing editor plans the editorial schedule with an input from Editorial Director; assigns articles to freelancers; edits incoming pieces, as well as write short pieces as is needed. Managing Editor also posts these articles on Bushwick Daily social media and creates twice weekly newsletter.

This is an ideal position for an experienced and talented writer and/or editor between jobs. The ideal candidate has an innate understanding of digital news environment; fits well within the community of Bushwick Daily contributors; loves and knows Bushwick exceptionally well; and hopes to get to know the key players in the neighborhood. We love to work with friendly people who are talented yet humble; people who are smart and learn fast; people who love receiving feedback with hopes of constant improvement; and most importantly people who believe that their writing and editing career is more than just a day job. The pay is $12 per hour.

To apply, please fill out this form.

Freelance Writers

We’re looking for creative thinkers, idea generators, and all-around awesome beings. Please apply only if you can commit to at least 1 article per week. We are primarily looking for writers with interesting backgrounds and perspectives including writers born and/or raised in Bushwick.

We are looking to expand the scope of our present coverage and are hoping to work with writers of great first person narratives; writers of service journalism pieces; and writers who can surprise us with interesting concepts and ideas. We would be very psyched to work with data journalists and writers obsessed with creating surveys and analyzing the results.

Standard pay for an article is $20 but the amount may vary depending on the assignment.  

To apply, please fill out this form.

Freelance Video Journalists

Are you obsessed with visual storytelling? Would you like to see Bushwick stories rather than read them? Bushwick Daily currently doesn’t have a dedicated video journalist and so this is an ideal opportunity for someone with big picture thinking who can imagine the video section for Bushwick Daily and help create it.

Fill out this form and let’s talk about it!

Freelance Illustrator/cartoonist

The work of Bushwick Daily’s beloved illustrator, Jeremy Nguyen, can these days be seen in the New Yorker. We’re looking to give his biweekly slot to a new promising illustrator. Ideally you’ll pitch us a concept which can be serialized. We’re looking for someone with a strong voice, great ideas, and interesting drawing style. 

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Thank you!

Note that Bushwick Daily is an immigrant and woman owned business. We are a fair and equal employer, and we never tolerate any discrimination. We work with people of all sorts of backgrounds including gender, religion, and sexual orientation, and color; we work with immigrants as well as refugees. We only care if you’re a good fit and if you get your job done well.

Cover photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash