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Brooklyn has seen its share of great psychedelic-pop records in 2019, and the latest effort from Miracle Sweepstakes is a welcome year-end addition. Back in 2016, the group released their solid debut, Turn Heel, a record beaming with creativity, warmth, and a distinctly vintage sound that took its cues from the poppier side of 60’s psychedelia. Their second record, Rorschached, which was released in November, picks up right where they left off, as the band eschews the heavier, far-out psych of their contemporaries in favor of refining their brightly melodic sound. 

Rorschached. Image courtesy of Miracle Sweepstakes. 

Fans of more experimental guitar-centric pop will find much to enjoy amongst the songs on Rorschached, as the overall feel of the record finds the band dabbling in the type of baroque instrumentation prominent among Elephant 6 acts like The Gerbils, while still staying anchored by their finely tuned psych-pop roots. The lead single, “Relative Mind,” sports some of the biggest hooks of the lot, while “Mary, Where Are You?” and “Boomerang” aren’t far behind. Particularly, “Mary, Where Are You?” is one of the standout tracks on the record, driven by a beautifully layered harmonic chorus and nimble, jangly guitar work. Craig Heed’s pleasant voice is the icing on the cake, as it pierces through the swirl of eclectic bubbling sonic elements.

Although the tunes on Rorschached are perfect summertime tunes, it’s always nice to get a dose of heat during the frigid months. With their sophomore album, Miracle Sweepstakes are here to inject some sunshine into a gray, Brooklyn winter. 

Image courtesy of Miracle Sweepstakes.

You can purchase Rorschached on limited edition compact disc via Bandcamp.  It’s also available on all streaming services, including Spotify.

All images courtesy of Miracle Sweepstakes.

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