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Tom Gallo is the host of Look At My Records! on Radio Free Brooklyn.

Catch one more show this week before you leave town for the holidays! Here are some good ones happening in the neighborhood:

Friday, December 18

Cindy Cane’s Nitemare Before Xmas at Our Wicked Lady, 8 p.m.

Friday night at Our Wicked Lady features another holiday bonanza curated by Brooklyn’s favorite purveyors of darkness Cindy Cane and Queen of the Scene. This one features another lineup of some of the best acts, including Looms, Ecce Schnak, Dark Tunnels, Primitive Lios, D. Light, Deitre, Cindy Cane, and Baby & Dynamite. The duo Baby & Dynamite just shared their second single, “U WANT 2 WASH AWAY,” while Johnny Dynamite, one half of Baby & Dynamite, just dropped an excellent new single called “Walking Poetry,” so expect to groove to both. 

Saturday, December 19

Versus, Spectre Folk at Elsewhere, 6 p.m.

Image courtesy of Elsewhere

New York City indie rock legends Versus made their triumphant return in 2019, releasing their first album in almost a decade, Ex Voto. Spectre Folk, the project of Peter Nolan that includes former members of Sonic Youth and Pavement, will open the show.

Cover photo courtesy of Looms. Photo by Liz Smalls.

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