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Brooklyn duo Drug Couple has shared their first EP, Little Hits – a short, but sweet collection of songs that cycles through some of the touchstones of indie rock.

The duo, and real-life couple, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and Becca Chodorkoff, deliver a self-described, “collection of songs about finding someone special to share the end times with.” The pair met back in 2015 when Miles produced a record for Becca’s previous band at the Brooklyn studio space, The CRC. For Little Hits, they returned to where it all started at The CRC to create some magic with Miles behind the board.

Fans of all styles of classic indie rock will find something to enjoy among the songs on the guitar-driven Little Hits. The opening track dabbles in some sprawling, fuzzed-out Yo La Tengo styled guitars with some nice dueling melodic interplay between the vocal tracks. “The Blind Kissing The Blind” sees the band tackling the poppier side of things with cleaner and wistful sounding guitars. “Sorry About L.A.” is appropriately titled, as it sonically references the psychedelia of the Los Angeles’s centered Paisley Underground scene that dominated college radio in the 1980s, particularly, the swooning, vast guitar sounds of The Three O’Clock and The Rain Parade. Plus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the band’s endearing take on the Shania Twain classic, “You’re Still The One,” which smoothly transitions into the cozy, harmony-laden “Be In 2” with a driving rhythm section.

Little Hits is out now via Papercup Music.  You can purchase the EP via Bandcamp.  The songs are also available on all streaming services, including Spotify.

All images courtesy of Drug Couple.

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