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Safer is the new solo project of former The Rapture and Poolside bassist Mattie Safer. In late June, Safer capped off a string of excellent spring singles with the release of “All My Life,” the third in a series of three propulsive singles that also includes “Good Things” and “Leave Me Alone.” While each presents an exciting new take on the high energy disco-punk that Safer perfected with The Rapture, “All My Life” possesses a frenzied energy that’s quintessentially New York, and in turn, draws influence from multiple eras of the city’s storied music history.

The track doesn’t take long to get going, as jittery guitars and a funk-fueled bass line open the song before the chorus breathes a sigh of relief amongst a groovy disco beat. The song then builds up with a delicate saxophone and piano riff before kicking in another dose of adrenaline, a sequence that nicely complements the song’s lyrical focus, which details the euphoric relief of finding love that you’ve been searching far and wide to find. While it can be interpreted as a love song of sorts, “All My Life” possesses the dance-punk fire of Safer’s prior projects, but also channels the attitude and nimble guitar work of legendary New York City art-punks Television and The Heartbreakers. 

Safer recently announced that these three singles are part of a forthcoming EP, which is scheduled for release on July 24. 

“All My Life,” along with “Leave Me Alone” and “Good Things are available to stream on Spotify.

Safer is performing live on July 27 at The Broadway with Alien Bay, China Wyte, and Trash TV. The band is also performing at Rose Gold on August 8 with Gesserit, Super City, and Francie Moon

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