Jacque Medina


Again, we are sad to report another local business closure on a block that is no stranger to bars and restaurants shuttering their doors. This time, The Sampler, one of Bushwick’s best craft beer bars was the victim.

Despite being a neighborhood staple for nearly four years, The Sampler mysteriously closed without fanfare at the end of June. Sources close to the situation who did not wish to be identified cited a high staff turnover and lack of customers as reasons for the initial closure.

However, a sign in the bar’s shuttered storefront offers us hope that the Sampler will return as the same craft beer haven Jefferson stop-adjacent residents know and love. 

The sign seems optimistic about The Sampler’s new owners, so we will be too. Bushwick Daily has reached out to the buyers, but we haven’t hard back. 

We just hope the bar stays true to its craft beer roots and that the new owners keep Monday night trivia on the calendar!

Featured images courtesy of Magdalena Waz amd the Bushwick Daily Archives.