Take Off “To the Moon” This Weekend at Street Artist Gazoo’s Art and Music Festival

A weekend long event entitled “From Bushwick To The Moon” occurring across various locations in Bushwick and coordinated by street artist Gazoo ToTheMoon is scheduled to take place Friday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 3. New, eye catching art installations will be on show in several of Gazoo’s favorite bars around Bushwick. 

Gazoo (sitting) with Danny Teran (standing), owner of Farewell Bar.

Gazoo’s famous and distinct “To The Moon” tag can be found around the streets of New York City, especially in Bushwick where Gazoo was discovered by a female cop who caught him attempting to spread his famous signature. When asked the meaning of “To The Moon” Gazoo explains, “to the moon is really all about motivating people and just like reach for your goals.”

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Gazoo’s resume shows that he has participated in numerous projects over recent years, including, but not limited to, “Black is King,” a film by Beyonce, art installations at Edition Hotel, Public Hotel and Turnstyle Underground Market, a solo art show at de Plume Gallery and many others across New York City, California, New Jersey and Texas.

Gazoo has also left his mark on the pivotal Black Lives Matter movement as he created an art installation via wallplay network entitled, “I am here” which features aliens holding signs in protest of injustices.

For this weekend’s upcoming event, Gazoo’s sources report, “From Bushwick To The Moon brings you to new experiential installations created by the one and only Gazoo ToTheMoon. This is a weekend long music and arts festival with some of his favorite neighborhood DJs and bars to bring everyone together to celebrate.”

Participating locations include Farewell Bar, Jupiter Disco, Bossa Nova, 101 Wilson Bar, Rosie’s Pizza Bar and Our Wicked Lady

The event is free and registration can be found on Eventbrite

Gazoo painting his signature arrow at Farewell Bar

All photos: © Rafael Fuchs.
Instagram: @fuchsprojects
Website: www.rafaelfuchs.com

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