Bushwick Hairstyles: Who Makes the Cut?

Bushwick has great hair. We aren’t afraid to flaunt it. From fades to braids, everyone has their own style, and everyone has their own barber, be it a stylist, a roommate or even themselves. The styles are constantly changing, and for many, color is back in. 

We talked to some locals with great hairstyles and asked them: “Who makes the cut?”

Here’s what they said.

Name: Hower Rosa

Occupation: High school student

Who makes the cut?

“I usually go to my uncle’s barbershop, Eiron’s Cut. I only go there and get a shape up and let it grow.”


“I used to shave it and I didn’t like it. So, I just let it grow.”

What’s trendy right now for high school students?

“So, I feel like they’re more into changing the color of their hair. For example, my hair is dark brown but I choose a black, a jet black. I chose this color because my eyes are brown, so it looks good.”

Name: Jade Alexia

Occupation: Camera assistant

Who makes the cut?

“I go to a Black salon in Crown Heights. It’s called Sisse Hair Salon. I randomly spotted them. They’re very nice and they do a great job. I only go there for hair-braiding, sometimes I go upstate to actually get my hair done, because I have a specific hairstyle that I really like, you know the vibes.”


“Passion twist, with a bun.”

Do you ever get another cut?

“Yeah, I do box-braids. I do Senegalese twist. There’s also, you can do box braids with different hair texture. This one is using deep-wave or something. But I naturally have an afro.”

Name: Izzy 

Occupation: Barista, model and photographer

Who makes the cut? 

“I’ve always just done it myself, since middle school.”

What would you call the haircut?

“It’s just a self-cut, short cut. I don’t really know.”


“It’s just blonde. I use a box dye from Walgreens.”

Name: Janvi

Occupation: Artist

“I make paintings. They are abstract expressionist with a little bit of surrealism. I make them on canvas that I find around the street, as well as canvas that I buy, as well as clothes, as well as room-dividers, or shoes, as well as people. I paint on people. Basically anything and everything is my canvas. I also paint in public spaces and I’ll leave little paintings in bathrooms. I also draw. I love just regular ink on paper, and I like using a calligraphy pen. And I make mind-maps as well as translations, visual translations. I do street photography, people photography, nature photography and event photography. I love conceptual photography. I also do mosaics, surprisingly, and sculptures. And I do public installations sometimes. And I do comedy – stand-up comedy – and fashion. I write too. I do poetry. I rap. There’s no favorite medium. But I just like exploring them all. I also like found objects. That’s why I was collecting acorns.” 

Who makes the cut?

“Oh, I do this shit myself. So I was blonde for last year. This year, this summer, I was like, I need to change shit up. So I got blue dye, and I have a hard time making decisions sometimes. Sometimes I’m great, but sometimes I don’t know what to do. So I bought, at CVS, this blue hair dye stuff, and a friend did it for me. And it was very vibrant blue a few months ago. It’s really worn out by now, but when I did it, it was cobalt blue. It was crazy. But it’s my real natural hair. I got paint in it now. I kind of want to see it bright blue again, but I’m trying to learn how to love the process, the transition. It’s not always going to be blue forever, it’s going to fade.”

Name: Denise Varela

Occupation: Mental health counselor.

Who makes the Cut?

I go to the Curl Suite in Manhattan

What would you call this haircut?

“Haha, curly haircut. Curly style haircut. I got the hair dye at- what’s the name- Tomahawk Salon.”

And what is this color called?

“Like, an aqua?”

What’s popular right now?

“I think mostly different color hair, like doing a different style.”

All Images: Guthrie London

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