Young, fresh and hot is the art of Outlet Fine Art gallery. Located at 253 Wilson Avenue (a block from Myrtle), the gallery was introduced to the world eight months ago by Julian Jimarez. With the intention of promoting creativity and under the seasonal name Sunset Surf Club, the gallery began a series of frequently changing art shows and atypical workshops (e.g. make your own dumplings). The idea, which would likely give any branding specialist a heart attack, is to change the name of the gallery with the changing seasons. I mean, wouldn’t you prefer spending your time at Outlet Fine Art, as opposed to Sunset Surf Club when it’s barely 30 degrees outside?

However, the name isn’t the only thing that changed at the gallery. Curator and art entrepreneur Aliza Kelly joined Outlet as a co-owner in the Fall. The programming at the gallery has never been more fun! I checked out the opening of a group show titled On the Grid in mid-December. On the Grid is a very easy-flowing sample of urban musings ranging from drawings on the MTA Subway map (Enrico Miguel Thomas) to inconspicuously placed pieces of a street art hero, Jilly Ballistic. After seeing the beautiful genderless figures in the street art of El Sol 25 virtually everywhere in North Brooklyn, I was very excited to “meet” his art in a gallery space.

A feeling of familiarity emanates from the art on the walls, and it is very easy to relate to the art show, especially if you are someone who takes subway to work every day or simply walk the gritty streets of Bushwick…

At the opening of On the Grid, the gallery was packed with people who didn’t seem to be giving much thought to the simultaneously happening art fairs in Miami. An intense Bushwick performance artist Matthew Silver showed up at 8PM and cheered up the crowd with his performance The Brain vs. The Heart.

If you missed the opening, you’ll have another chance to experience the flow of Outlet Fine Art this Friday, January 4 at 7:30PM at the closing reception for On the Grid. Additionally, Outlet will be raffling off a one of a kind canvas by street artist A City of Children. A raffle ticket is $3 if you buy it online or $5 at the door. See you there!