Tired of yet another New Year’s Eve with tentatively boring plans? Attempting to go out on New Years in the best city in the world sadly usually ends up a dissapointment. You’ll spend half your time struggling to even get in the door of a shitty bar overflowing with drunk valley girls or (gasp) trying to elbow your way into the city for an overpriced “party”, then the other half trying to flag a cab home.  Those who really know what’s up on New Years know that the biggest warehouses are in Brooklyn- and thus the best parties! This year, have the time of your life rallying in the New Year in a massive art installation, drink in hand and belly, surrounded by hundreds of future friends and lovers- all within walking distance of Bushwick! Look no further- NYC party organization BangOn! has planned your perfect New Years Eve– “Rebirth.” Read on for a Q+A with the party organizers that’ll have you set for 2013.

We at Bushwick Daily are huge fans of the warehouse rave-style parties that BangOn is famous for. The melting pot of adventurous people, ephemeral art installations, light shows, great musical performances, dance floor, and amazing costumes make for a truly unique experience.  This year the line-up features a DJ set from Yeasayer and legendary NYC DJ Alex English  and live performances from Sun Talk and Carousel.  As far as visuals go, be prepared for a trippy ride- according to BangOn!, they’ll be puting on some serious installations:

Your rebirth begins at a brand new 30,000 sq ft (East) Williamsburg warehouse/playground featuring 2 dj/live music stages, rides, an iridescent Alice in Wonderland play-space, giant interactive art installations, an inflatable obstacle course, food trucks, and a 30 ft long reproduction of the Brooklyn Bridge!

We asked BangOn a few questions to coerce you into “Rebirth”-ing yourself this NYE.

What makes Bang On! different than other NYC party organizations ?

Bringing a mix of all walks of life from New York and making them feel totally comfortable doing crazy things together.  We have Brooklyn hipsters, Manhattan models, and Burning man hippies all along side one another swinging on zip lines, dancing to house music, and jumping around in Bouncy castles.  I would say our crowd is what makes our parties, and how easy it is to talk to someone you never would have dared to say a word to in a normal bar or on the street.  People at our events feel a special comradere as they have lucked upon a “happening” that is special and not everyone knows about.


What’s the craziest costume you’ve ever seen at a Bang On! Party? 

As the people throwing the party, we have to represent with pretty crazy costumes.   Once we dressed up as cops with those male stripper style pants that you can rip off in half a second.   With the dark lighting we actually looked like pretty legitamate cops, and at 3 am we came in shining flashlights in peoples eyes  to break up the party, and the dj turned off the music and people started leaving!  Then on cue the dj started playing some Donna Summer Disco song, and Shazam! We ripped off our pants and started dancing and the party was back on! We had on 70’s style jock straps with extra fake-pubic hair to give a vintage feel haha.

How many people are you expecting for this NYE bash?

We just had 2,500 at our Halloween, and our NYE are always much bigger…so who knows!  We have grown a lot this last year, I would say 3,000 plus!


Any hints on what the biggest surprise of the night will be?

We have something happening at midnight for the countdown that will be really epic.  All the lights will be out and it will be suspended above everybodies heads and lit up, so you wont miss it!


Can we expect fire dancing?   

Ok, we cant admit to anything about fire as if the fire department catches wind we wil get shut down…..  You will see something really hot if you come, though 🙂 !


Find more info about the party here and purchase tickets here– first tier are only $40! That’s a steal compared to some NYE parties I’ve seen. Location is still under wraps, but will be at a warehouse in East Williamsburg off the Montrose L stop. Once you buy a ticket you’ll get the secret address. See you there!