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We’ve been waiting for (or dreading) this day for 4 years, and it’s finally here! It’s the final hours before polls close so we thought you’d like to see some inspiring political graffiti and street art. From Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter to Me Too to gentrification to many more issues and causes, you can feel the pulse of Bushwick just by walking the streets.

There’s still time to vote in New York City if you haven’t already voted. Polls close at 9 p.m. tonight. From my experience earlier this week, it seems pretty safe – there’s social distancing throughout, everyone is wearing a mask, they give you a combination pen/stylus to check you without touching anything, then fill out your ballot and stick it into the scanner. And you’re done, except putting on your “I voted” sticker, the fashion accessory of the moment. Nothing more to do but watch the returns come in.

If you don’t know where your polling place is (it’s not always the one closest to where you live), then head to the NYC Board of Elections poll finder at

To see who is on the ballot in your district, go to There you can see the candidates as well as a sample ballot.

Astro checking out Phil Gable’s sculpture on Bogart Street
There had to be a Trump flag somewhere in Bushwick – this one on Grattan Street.
“Donald eres un pendejo” on corner Harrison and Bogart streets. From makers of Ilegal Mezcal.
Mural by Ron English of Trump as Humpty Dumpty, collaborating with Bushwick Collective and Mana Urban Arts – Troutman Street.
Black Lives Matter on Waterbury Street
Corner Bogart and Grattan streets
Corner Morgan Ave and Harrison St
Johnson Avenue
Morgan Ave
The “Wall of Lies” on Grattan Street between Sey coffee and Pine Box Rock Shop. It displays 20,000+ Trump lies, as documented and fact checked by the Washington Post.
Senator Chuck Schumer came to see the Wall of Lies on October 4th
Remember all the Occupy Wall Street (or occupy whatever) signs?
Another “Occupy Wall St” sign on Harrison St.
A small apology
Melrose Street, looking into the construction where the Rheingold brewery once stood.
“Death to” somebody, Morgan Avenue
Thames Street, projection by Cibele Vieira protesting art crackdown of queer voice in her home country of Brazil. Photos from a cancelled exhibit were projected on the wall and later projected onto the Whitney in Manhattan.
Art the beginning of the pandemic on Bogart Street
Against the gas pipeline.
To end on a positive note…

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