A Photographer Documents Manhattan Protest in Their Essay: Sign O’ The Times [PHOTOS]

Neil Constantine


The streets of NYC were once again filled on June 1st in what has been several nights of protest in response to the death of George Floyd by police brutality in Minnesota.  Here, across the country and world, George Floyd’s death has created a demand or reckoning for police in the US to reform their system that has been plagued for decades by racist policies and lack of accountability, transparency and militarization.

Though the protests of the past several days have come with their own inner problems, the vast majority have been peaceful and more or less collapsed due to outside forces or police inciting people.  This protest marched its way peacefully across much of Manhattan peacefully past curfew until it dispersed peacefully to go home and prepare for the next day.  And like any protest, people used their voices and carried signs to let be known their truth and even more so, the truth of it all.  These are some of the signs of our times.

Protestors in mass march on 86th St. westward
Walls around the city have been marked by dissent.  Leaving behind a call for change even when those who march have passed.
Protestors march up 3rd Ave.
A protestor kneels to signal to police to refrain from stepping in to interrupt the protest.
A soldier defiantly stands in front of Trump International Hotel with many as curfew approached.
Two Medical Employees march in solidarity.
As curfew approached, speakers rallied the mass of protestors in front of Trump International Hotel, all willing to take what risks may come after 8pm.
A sea of people make their way up 1st ave demanding justice, demanding change.
Protestors rest a moment before rejoining the march.
A man weeps as protestors pass, exclaiming over and over, “Enough is enough.”

All photos were taken by Neil Constantine (@neilconstantine)

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